Reciprocating Air Compressors - Reciprocating Air Compressor Manufacturers

Special Features :
Piston and Rings : Low expansion aluminum alloy piston with international standard piston rings for positive sealing are elevated temperatures.
Crank Case and End covers : High quality graded cast iron.
Cylinder : Special cast iron, deep finned for quick heat dissipation.
Finger Valves and Disc Valves : Special hardened, ground / lapped stainless steel for longer durability & less wear and tear.
Air Receivers : All Air receivers are hydro-pressure tested and all compressors are tested for specified cycles in final assembled condition.
Fan Agro dynamically designed fan with large blades for higher air flow.
Crank Shaft Assembly : Made of carbon steel dynamically balanced with roller bearings for connecting rod big end and deep grooved ball bearings for journals assembled true Y & X axis. Inter I After Cooler Deep finned aluminum alloy specially designed to keep the temperature low and to minimize the formation of carbon.

Reciprocating Air Compressors
Reciprocating Air Compressors


Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Aftercooler, Intercoolers, Oil Coolers, Condensers and Chillers

Water Cooled After Cooler
It is a heat Exchanger designed and manufactured to reduce / cool the compressed air temperature to desired level, so the condensation takes place and vaporized moisture and oil in the air gets converted to liquid droplets which further separated by moisture separator. The after Cooler substantially reduces the moisture and oil load coming to down stream at the initial stage. the cooling media can be water of air.


Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers


Air Receivers

Features :
• Stores the Pressurized Compressed Air
• Helps to maintain constant Pressure at downstream
• Cools the compressed air
• Helps to separate oil & moisture from compressed air
• To allow com pressured have optimum level of rest
• Hand and man holes Provided as per standards

Range :
• Range from 0.10 to 10m3
• Vertical and Horizontal type
• As per standards of national and international pressure vessels code

Air Receivers
Air Receivers


Moisture Separators

Get Rid of moisture Problem & Save Energy Upto 5 %

The actual pressure drop across After cooler is always high i.e. 0.5 kg/cm2 which means compressor has to compress 0.5 kg/cm2 more to deliver required pressure. This causes increase in Shaft Horse power by 3%. We design customised after coolers for your compressor so that pressure drop is less than 0.1 kg/cm2. This stright way gives saving of 3% and simple pay back on your investment is less than one year.

The Moisture separators supplied by compressor manufacturers are low cost baffle type design. These are ineffective and causes more pressure drops. Moisture gets carried over to Air Dryer or to the plant.

Moisture Separators
Moisture Separators


Heatless Air Dryers - Heatless Air Dryer Manufacturer
Heat less dryer works on the principal of absorption. Regenerative air dryers use desiccant media absorbs moisture contaminate from compressed air. The desiccant media can be regenerated by purging air and remove moisture it collect and remove again and again. So the dryness of the compressed air achieved up to atmospheric -40'c dew point. The traditional refrigeration type air dryer does not provide sufficient air quality required for special applications. Guru regeneration heat less dryer contains smooth uniform achieved alumina balls size t\at prevents channeling of compressed air flow, which maintains low bed velocities. This maintains air contact time for efficient moisture removal and minimal pressure drops. Guru have electronic control timer for pneumatically pilot valves are chosen for long life and high air flow. A pre filter, oil removing filter, after filter offering purification to 5 micron can be specified purge loss and pressure drop are kept at a minimum resulting in lower operating costs.

Heatless Air Dryers
Heatless Air Dryers - Heatless Air Dryer Manufacturer





Refrigerated Air Dryers

• Air Cooled
• Tube in Tube Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger
• Tube in Tube Evaporator
• Hermetically Sealed Compressor
• Air Cooled Condenser
• Modulating capacity controller - 0 100% Thermal Load Handling
• Eco-friendly refrigerated R134 a
• Fan Pressure Switch
• Capillary Tube Expansions
• Capacity 5 to 50 cfm
• Operating pressure: 4 to 16-bar g.

Refrigerated Air Dryers
Refrigerated Air Dryers



Compressed Air Dryers Supplier - Dealer For SANPAR Compressed Air Dryer

• Latest Technology of aluminum plate type heat exchangers.
• Plate type heat exchangers are compact and light in weight.
• Latest technology of vacuum brazing used on the plate type heat exchangers
• Heat Exchangers put to helium leak test up to 27-bar g.
• Optimum selection of compressor with high COP contributes to power benefits.
• Victaulic couplings provided on the compressed air inlet and outlet connections for easy maintenance.
• Negligible pressure-drop in the refrigeration line; hence utilizing complete rated cooling capacity of the compressor.
• Heat Exchangers easily retrofitted without affecting the refrigeration line.
Rotolocks at the refrigerant inlet and outlet.
• Refrigeration piping leak tested with electronic detectors ensuring that the leak is of the order of 3 g/year.
• RS 232 port with interface software provided as an optional feature for remote monitoring.
• Capacity: 50 to 10,000 cfm.
• Operating Pressure: 3 to 14 bar g

Compressed Air Dryers Supplier
Compressed Air Dryers Supplier



Air Micro Filters

Sanpar brings to you the state of the art compressed air filters. These filters are aptly designed to take care of the problems related with the dust and oil contaminants. The elements are assembled in a compact Aluminum Die cast housing.

Sanpar manufacturers five grades of filters
1. Primary Pre filter PPF (Pleated SS mesh) : 25-micron filtration capacity.
2. Pre Filter PF (Pleated Cellulose Acetate) : Bulk liquid and partial removal down to 3 micron.
3. After Filter AF (Borosilicate glass fiber) : Liquid and partial removal down to 0.1 micron,
residual oil content 0.5 mg/m3.
4. Final Filter FF (Borosilicate glass fiber : Liquid and partial removal down to 0.01 micron,
residual oil content 0.01 mg/m3.
5. Carbon Filter CF (Activated Carbon Granules) : Liquid and partial removal below 0.01 micron,
residual oil content 0.005 mg/m3. Free of odour and oil vapour.

Air Micro Filters
Air Micro Filters



Moisture Separators Supplier - Dealer For SANPAR Moisture Separator

• Very high Efficiency ( more than 99%)
• Non-corrosive Aluminum die cast body
• Compact Design
• Maintenance Free
• Long life
• Manual drain and auto drain facility

Moisture Separators Supplier
Moisture Separators Supplier



Auto Drain Valves Supplier - Dealer For SANPAR Auto Drain Valve


The SFD320 is an automatic mechanical float type drain made of cast Aluminum body
• That contains a stainless steel float ball
• It discharges only the condensate automatically (not the compressed air).
• It is also equipped with a manual drain valve for manual operation.
• The drain is provided with a standard ½” BSP connection.

Sanpar make Timer Drain consists of a strainer with a solenoid valve. The drain valve opens based on the timings set in the drain.
Also the time interval between the successive openings of the valve can be set. The drain has a standard ½” BSP connections.

Auto Drain Valves Supplier
Auto Drain Valves Supplier